Monthly Archives: May 2013

New England Patriots: Tom Brady Talks Danny Amendola

Tom Brady said today he is excited to be able to work with Amendola. He even said the two were having “fun” out on the field.

Although I do not doubt Brady is excited to get back on the field, it has to crush him that Welker is no longer there. The two are very good friends and not to mention the production as well they put up together.

Source: Boston Herald

Cleveland Browns: Defensive players looking forward to playing for Horton

Some of the Browns top defensive players are excited to play for new DC Ray Horton.

This is always the case in any coach or coordinators first season especially in the preseason. Lets see how they feel at the midpoint of the season.

Source: Dawgs By Nature

San Francisco 49ers: Marcus Lattimore Signs Rookie Contract

49ers 4th round pick Marcus Lattimore signed his rookie contract today.  It is a 4-year deal.

This year will be a little bit of a redshirt season for Marcus Lattimore as he rehabs his injury.  Long term a Marcus Lattimore/LaMichael James running back duo will be fun to watch.

Source: Niners Nation

Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton QB

Does Cam Newton deserve to be the captain of the Carolina Panthers?

The Panthers will not take the next step as an organization until Cam Newton’s leadership ability and maturity matches his brilliant.  Make him captain and see how he handles it.

Source: Charlotte Observer